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Full-Time Employees

Finding a great place to work can be a job in itself. If you are looking for your next great opportunity, tap into the JDS Marketplace to access global employment postings across the industries in which we operate. In addition, your onboarding, safety and performance metrics will be stored privately in the platform so you are prioritized and contacted for future opportunities.

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Independent Contractors

Contract work can be off and on. At the JDS Group of Companies, we are global experts in the project management and execution of complex projects. We are always in need of independent contractors for various projects all over the world. Create a profile, respond to immediate jobs, perform well and JDS will prioritize you for future opportunities. Spend less time looking for the new gig and more time focused on what you love doing

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Company Contractors and Companies

Create a profile and never miss a relevant sales opportunity for your business. New procurement and contractor opportunities from across the JDS Group of Companies and our clients and partners will be posted in the marketplace for interested suppliers to bid on in real time.

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