The JDS Group of Companies is a diverse team of over 450 leaders who are dedicated to delivering maximum resource value on behalf of our customers, suppliers, local communities, and future.

Our global reputation across the energy, mining, and railroad industries has been earned through our ability to turn problems into opportunities through the competitive management of quality talent, labor and equipment to get the job done!

Aligned with the JDS Way, we are committed to ACTION and are proud to introduce you to the JDS Marketplace launched in December of 2021.

What is the JDS Marketplace?

The JDS Marketplace is an online platform dedicated to matching quality local talent with competitive job opportunities, and local suppliers with specific project needs across the mining, energy, and rail sectors.

Why sign-up?

A profile on JDS Marketplace enables you to:

1) Search and apply for competitive jobs you are interested in;

2) Stay up to date on new opportunities across our ten divisions through targeted notifications.

3) Experience a seamless and easy-to-use process when onboarding onto a new project;

4) Post RFP’s to attract and manage local project vendors;

5) Support local partnerships by tracking local project spend in order to maximize positive project impacts within local communities.

Today, the platform is focused specifically on job and procurement opportunities within the JDS Group of Companies, but will soon be expanding to include a wide range of global opportunities i.e. equipment and training opportunities.


If you are interested in leveraging this technology for your own project management please contact us at: support@jdsmarketplace.ca to discuss.